Custom Blythe fake boy doll ‘Heladio’


Product Description:

Custom Blythe Fake OOAK boy doll, completely customized as a personification of one of the most popular summer desserts, the icecream. Heladio is a playful and dreamy boy, who loves to eat icecream while taking a walk in the port or going out to sail with his boat.

He has had a complete carving of the face done, looking for a more natural and realistic look, according to the character. He has provided with larger ears, which give him a very funny look.

Artistic make-up of the faceplate done, completely handmade with high quality materials. Backplate decorated and signed. His eyelids have been painted by hand.

The factory eyemech has been modified to be able to leave his eyes closed, (sleepy eyes). Gaze has also been corrected, more alive looking, (blogged eyes). All the original eyechips have been replaced by four exclusive pairs, hand painted. New eyelashes more natural, and appropriate in size for the scale of the doll.

He has had his hair washed and conditioned, improving his haircut and hairstyle. He carries a new jointed boy body, similar to azone ones. The two pullrings are decorated and modeled by hand, exclusively for him.

Additional Information:

His entire outfit and accessories are made by hand, with a sailor and childlike look, very cheerful. The shirt is decorated with an original printed illustration, of our own design. His sailor cap has been designed, sewn and decorated thinking of the shape of an icecream ball. The shawl is handknitted, and his checkered trousers resemble the typical waffle cone from an icecream.

He also wears a pair of brown synthetic leather boots with laces, and handmade socks. The icecream miniature that hangs from one of the  pullrings, can be released from this one, and used like another accessory for Heladio. It has been sculpted by hand in polymer clay and wood.

Packaging and Shipping:

The shipping method used will be, by default, untracked ordinary mail. You can also opt to buy a registered shipment with tracking number, if you want to.

He is sent with all accessories, decorated dollstand, an extra pair of hands and certificate of authenticity, carefully packaged in a display box exclusively made for him.


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