Custom Blyh (Middie Blythe Fake) doll “Lemon Muffin”


Product Description:

Custom Blyh (Middie Blythe fake) OOAK doll, fully customized.

Full carving of the faceplate, giving her a sweet and childish appearance. Natural artistic makeup, completely handmade with high quality materials. Eyelids decorated by hand. Setting of new eyelashes, more natural. Gaze correction, that gives her a more alive expression. Modification of the mechanism of the eyelids, to leave them closed.

Her hair has been conditioned, with better hairstyle and combing. She carries a Picco Neemo Azone body, with very natural and smoothly articulated forms. It has been modified at the neck joint to optimize the fitting with the head part, without losing freedom of movement.

The dress has been modified, the tights have been sewed by hand and the shoes are also completely handmade, especially for her.

The pullrings have been customized too, adding handmade ornaments to better suit the character.

Additional Info:

Due to their proportions, these dolls suffer from weakness at the neck joint, and should not be pulled the pullrings without holding the head, or there’s risk of damage at the joint. It is also advised to help the mechanism of the eyes rolling, gently with your fingers, to avoid violent pulling.

Packaging and Shipping:

She measures about 22 cm, and is sent carefully packed in an exclusive handmade box, with tracking number, with all accessories, certificate of authenticity and doll stand.

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Additional information

Weight 1,000 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm