Hello! Welcome to our new website :)

Imagen de bienvenida a la web con muñeca de donación para el Dolly Festival 2017

Hi! What’s up? 🙂

After an few time offline, dedicated to improving our web functioning, we welcome you back to Not Only Dolls. We hope you enjoy our content, now faster and safer than before 🙂

Not Only Dolls will attend Dolly Festival 2017…

And we also want to announce that we will be attending to the new edition this year, of Dolly Festival convention, next 8th and 9th July in Barcelona. We are looking forward to spend a nice time there with all of those who may want to come and meet us, and with the organization team of the event too, who are such a great people, totally dedicated and compromised to the fans and hobby.

As in past events, we will donate a custom doll for the charity raffle, which we are working on ATM. We do not want to reveal much from the new character, but we anticipate that it will come with double dose of fantasy and cuteness included, heheheee 😛

So, we have also prepared some little gifts for the welcome pack, a few promotions too… and of course, many products especially designed and handmade for your dolls, in addition to some custom and OOAK dolls made by us.

…and we won’t be alone

In this edition we will be proudly accompanied by Raquel Barrera, (you can follow her work on this facebook and instagram accounts), artist based in Seville, which has a remarkable career as  a painter and illustrator, and has decided to give a try to the world of creating artdolls. I strongly recommend you to follow her closely, because I assure you this girl is worth it. Besides being a great artist, she is also a very special and nice person. So, if you come to meet and say hello to us at Barcelona, we will be very happy to welcome you all warmly.

In the next few days, we will show you the WIP of stock of products that we are preparing for the event, through our social networks mainly. You can find the links for our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts at the footer of this webpage.

Thanks a lot to all of you for your unconditional support, be very happy and… hope to see you in Barcelona!! 😀

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Dolly Festival 2017

Haven’t you bought your ticket yet? What are you waiting for? Hurry up before they ran out! 😉